Bored at the Airport!

So I am sitting here bored at the airport. I thought I was using the internet for free because I am a verizon super fast dsl customer but no, I get charged oh well! I had this nice happy post written up and it timed out so here it goes again! 

So I am sitting here bored at the airport. What do I decide to do? Well, I pulled out my new shiny macbook pro and snapped some pics of my flight which I am about to board in half hour. I then went on to check twitter and facebook like its my job and then I checked my email. I know that sounds exciting but really all I got was notification from facebook, which I already checked! Anyways so security check went very smoothly considering I was the only one in line.

I am just thankful that my pants didn’t fall off, since I forgot and wore the pants that are a little to big at the waist and had to take my belt off. It was quiet a scene, me holding up my pants while trying to raise both my arms up… yea, I told the security guy hope you don’t mind if my pants fall off and he chuckled but it all ended up well. I did not drop my pants and security only took like 5 minutes. 

Anyways below is the fancy amateur photo of the flight I am taking. Hope the weather hold up and there are no delays. Thats all from me for now! Peace! 

[EDIT] Ok I am a n00b at posterous and don’t know how to upload an image so here is the link!

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  1. Jacque

    Plane looks safe to me. I see the Gate Gourmet loading up the plane, hope you have a delicious, smooth, uneventful flight! Remember CRUNCHIE bars!!


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