Whats doing?

So update time! Past few months have been pretty exciting! Here are the highlights!     Visiting Auburn to catch up with Dan and Marian (two of my closest undergrad friends) New York with the CivicoLive crew along with a couple Juniata students Going to Bellefonte to the shadiest dive bar ever – The Omar Pulling … Continued

Personal Democracy Forum New York

This is where I will be tomorrow! Here is the excerpts from CivicoLive’s website!  CivicoLive is a new online platform for engaging local democracy in realtime. CivicoLive is the proud provider of real time streaming and social media integration to the Personal Democracy Forum (PdF).Here you, and online audiences across the world can access the … Continued

Authority 2.0

via eventwith.me The ‘Terrorist or Photographer’ Panel Debate The ‘Terrorist or Photographer’ Panel Debate from Paul Hadley on Vimeo. The “Terrorist or Photographer?” debate brought together an expert panel of 4 representatives, all nationally recognised leaders in their specialsed fields: Chief Inspector Mark Payne – Head of Press & PR, West Midlands Police http://cimarkpayne.wordpress.com/ Karen … Continued

Hanging around and I suck at this blogging thing!

So originally I had planned to blog everyday all the sessions, but SXSW is crazy! I carried around my laptop the first two days and it was a horrible experience since it was slowing me down. So I have not been carrying around my man purse ever since! I have been tweeting away using the … Continued

T-1.5 Days

So in about a day and half I will be on my way to the airport for and adventure! However, I just realized that Texas is 2 hours behind PA, which means I will have to adjust to 7 hours of time difference rather than the typical 5 from England! Regardless, here is a sneak … Continued

20 Impressive Internet Statistics

via socialtimes.com Exactly what the title says, 20 impressive internet statistics. Most interesting aspects of this is to think about the digital inclusion around the world. Especially in developing countries and how social media can be used to create a movement in those countries!

Foursquare or Gowalla & CIB

So as location-based apps become more relevant, I am wondering which to use as I go off on my adventure in exactly 11 days. I am still deciding whether to use Gowalla which is what they are advertising everyone will be using or should I keep using Foursquare as I have been? Advantages/Disadvantages I don’t know. … Continued

Quick Update

I know I haven’t been keeping up with updating this thing as I kept saying I would! However, in the coming next few months and by that I mean the next month or so, there will be lots of updates on here. I will also have updates on http://mytown.posterous.com related to the progress of my … Continued

Pyschogeography What?!

In theory, I want to update the blog everyday, but don’t have enough things to say, so I keep thinking I will write tomorrow and tomorrow turns out to be two weeks later! I will try to add, update blog to my todo list since, I am so good at keeping up with that! Regardless, … Continued