Day 1 – PETE&C


Here is a quick recap of my experience of Day 1 of The Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo andConference (PETE&C).

PETE&C is geared towards getting educators acquainted to technology. Hundreds of companies and independent consultants come and exhibit their products and services to educators. Interestingly all of these are looking for business opportunities with already strapped for cash school districts, clearly mind boggling. However, the content at PETE&C is what I think is the most important. I sat thru couple sessions today which provided a lot of information.

One was Accessibility with Apple (post will follow sometime later) and the other one was Building 21st Century Citizens and Schools. Building 21st Century Citizens and Schools was pretty interesting since it talked about brining the student run model (thats right I just promoted myself) into K-12. I think there is a lot of potential, especially because I have seen it work first hand in Higher Ed. I hope and will try to promote that school take advantage of the student run model and turn it into a full fledged Project Based Learning.   

Other bits of random thoughts, I have been hearing buzz words such as Civic Engagement (digital), Civic Participation (digital), and Digital Citizenship all day long and for some reason they all seem to use it in the wrong context, but that is besides the point. The point is no one talks about Digital Literacy and Digital Inclusion. These two terms are important to me and I know we are “past” worrying about Digital Literacy and Inclusion in Education (kind of), but civic engagement, participation and good digital citizenship is impossible without first addressing digital literacy and inclusion problem, especially in small towns such as majority of Pennsylvania. 

I will leave it at that open ended and senselessness. More to come…

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