Diwali, Fireworks, Good Weekend

Another day, another update. This past weekend, on Friday, I made my 

way down to London, on the fancy Virgin Trains. It was a pretty smooth
ride down. I went to London, to celebrate Diwali/New Years (Hindu
calendar), with my family. The weekend consisted of going to the
temple multiple times, having dinner with the family, and just
lounging around. On Saturday night, at the temple, they had fireworks,
which is the little video below. I actually recorded all 30 mins, of
the fireworks and laser show, but being the idiot I am, I accidentally
trimmed it on my iPhone. Luckily, I have the last 1 min 11 seconds or

IMG_0763 – Computer.m4v
Watch on Posterous

We got back late and because of standing outside in the cold, the next
day when I woke up, I woke up really really sick. But not to worry, I
think I am getting over it. Really, the trip to London was more to
just relax, eat nice home cooked food, see family, and chill out.
Tomorrow, I get to attend, Hello Digital, which is yet another
conference. So I will probably blog about it tomorrow night. Now comes
the hard part, trying to decide what to eat for dinner. I don’t feel
like cooking, you know since I am sick and whatnot. But I guess I will
have to.

Thats it for now, hopefully, I will blog again soon. This wasn’t an
exciting post, but trust me, next one will be much better…maybe?!

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