First Few Days @ Birmingham

In case anyone was wondering, I did make it to Birmingham safely! I have moved in to my university housing, which by the way is tiny but oh well life goes on. The campus is quiet nice and the people seem to be very helpful!

The weather here has return to what it normally is, rainy, cloudy, windy, and cold. The day I landed was a beautiful sunny day and ever since it has been cloudy and cold, I guess thats England for you! Anyways, I moved in on Sunday and started the International Orientation. 

Today was the second day of orientation where I officially got my enrollment so I am official now! Nothing exciting is happening just trying to get settled in. Its a lot harder than I thought, since every time I came to England, I was with family, but its a lot harder when you are alone. 

The only thing is that the cafe at the University is called Baker Cafe. And as some of you may know, Juniata’s cafeteria is also called Baker. I am telling you Baker never leaves me alone. So I have been eating in Baker all over again. At least the food taste better. 

So thats all for now. More to come later. 


2 Responses to “First Few Days @ Birmingham”

  1. Justine

    I will send you an umbrella!

  2. Jigar Patel

    Thanks! Bring one with you to Dublin!


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