Foursquare or Gowalla & CIB

So as location-based apps become more relevant, I am wondering which to use as I go off on my adventure in exactly 11 days. I am still deciding whether to use Gowalla which is what they are advertising everyone will be using or should I keep using Foursquare as I have been? Advantages/Disadvantages I don’t know. If you have a say on which I should use let me know! 

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Created in Birmingham – Is a pop-up shop at the Bullring that just opened up last night . Its a place where people can come bring anything they have created in Birmingham and show it off and or sell it if they wish to. Someone said it was like walking into a blog and it really was like walking into a blog. You will see what I mean by the video. I am thinking about bringing/proposing the same sort of idea in Lebanon and or Huntingdon area, because I think it is a great way to bring forward the so called “creative class” within a community. Thoughts? 



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