Pyschogeography What?!

In theory, I want to update the blog everyday, but don’t have enough things to say, so I keep thinking I will write tomorrow and tomorrow turns out to be two weeks later! I will try to add, update blog to my todo list since, I am so good at keeping up with that! Regardless, nothing too exciting has been happening in the past week. I have been helping a friend make a documentary on a community based online radio station called Rhubarb Radio. Below are some photos from that. There is also a video of the djing going on at the station, when we went to film them from midnight to 2 am. The location of the radio station is in the Custard Factory, which is this old factory turned into an awesome place for businesses, studios and awesome restaurants.

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Last week on 11/11/09 one of our assignments was to get on to the #11
bus on 11/11. The #11 bus goes around the outer ring road in
Birmingham, it is known as the longest bus route, takes about 2.5
hours to complete the entire circuit. Fortunately, we didn’t go around
the entire circuit, however we did go on the bus for a while. The idea
is to get on the bus at 11am (or anytime but 11 was when everyone was
getting on, all of the people participating in 11-11-11) and go around
the entire circuit documenting everything you see around the #11
route. The concept actual as a name its called pyschogeography. The
idea is that, you would meet different characters and see different
things on the bus depending on where and what time you get on the bus.
It was interesting to see the difference in the economically lower
side of Birmingham versus the upper side of Birmingham. After we got
on the bus, I took a short video and it apparently was trending on the
homepage of Vidly!


This week is going to be an awesome week! I am heading to Barcelona
for the Personal Democracy Forum, which is an event related to
Politics and Technology. I am going with a group of people and we are
going to be live streaming the event online. I am hoping to meet
people there and possibly make some good connections, that could
possibly land me a nice job in the near future! I will have more about
the trip later this week (I PROMISE!). I am also going to London for
some social media surgeries on Wednesday. So a pretty hectic week!

On a side note, I will be home on Dec 4th!


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