Semi-weekly update!

Its been awhile since I have written a post, but I have a good reason for that, so please bare with me. This is going to be a short post so just don’t expect a lot. I really haven’t been doing much so far; however, this week consisted of going to the local pub directly at the main entrance of the university called, “Hare of the Dog”. Also called “hotdog” for short. My friends and I have gone to that every single day this week. Which equates to some pretty exciting stories. 

Meanwhile, during the day, Monday and Tuesday we simply chilled out on campus, not doing much. Wednesday, I had a coffee meet-up with the MA Social Media course director Jon Hickman and one other MA Social Media student. Which led, to me introducing myself, to the world via Audio Boo. Feel free to to have a gander here(audio boo).  Later, we made our way down to the freshers fair aka lobsterfest for all the Juniatians out there. The only difference was that this fair was filled with clubs and vendors from around the uni. In the evening, as usual  we went to hotdog and had a couple to many drinks. 

Which leads to today, which was our first day of Faculty Induction. Basically today we got our schedules and met the so call classmates and lecturers. The people doing the MA Social Media come from all different backgrounds and are amazingly interesting people. I am extremely excited to work with them and get to know them more. The best thing about doing a MA is we only have two classes, which are on Tuesday and Wednesday…so holla! Tomorrow we are going to a social meet-up @ a coffee lounge into Birmingham City Centre and then making our way to the BCC DIY, which I will mention more about later, probably in a post tomorrow. 

Ok so cut me some slack. I meant to make this short but turned out to be just as long as the other posts. I will post again tomorrow if I get a chance, if not Saturday. If you want to check out the research and projects that we will be working on in my MA head over to . I will post more details and links later. For now I leave you with this awkwardly amazing road sign, I saw on my way to a friend’s place. Please enjoy at your own discretion! 


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