Today is a special day and I am missing it…

Today two of my awesome friends are getting married to start their wonderful life together. I wish them all the best and wish they have an awesome wedding. I am a bit sad that I didn’t get to attend it, but I am glad I got to see them before I made my trip across the pond. Jenn and Derek just so you know, I am going to the pub and celebrating and pretending to be at your wedding!!

Thanks to Justine! I got to see the lovely couples iphone photos snaps! Also loved the facebook photos which were tagged to me of everyone doing the thumbs up and down! 

I actually did go out to the pub tonight and then to the freshers event at Bar 42. It was pretty fun. We went on the city tour yesterday and below is just one of the things I love about cities, which is the random talent you find. I have also realized that I have started picking up British english. The way I say things have changed, I use english terms to describe things now! Soon I will be having an english accent! 

I am looking forward to the upcoming week. Well starting from Wednesday. I am helping out with some podcasting projects and then on Thursday and Friday is the official faculty induction for my Masters. So I will be getting my schedule and whatnot. I suppose thats all for now. More to come later! 



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  1. Justine

    We missed you yesterday! Glad you enjoyed the pictures!!


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