Weekend Adventure!

This weekend was an adventurous one! First of all, here are two clips from the Bollywood Steps thing we went to on Friday night. Friday night and Saturday, the youtube video contest, which we danced for was shown on the big screen at the actual Bollywood Steps event. You can see the big screen in one of the videos. We got there a little late so, we missed seeing ourself on the gigantic screen! Thank god for that! Regardless, the actual performance was really neat and definitely worth seeing. It was cold and rainy but at the end it was worth it. 

Besides that, friday night was a typical Bar 42 night and the weekend was basically, Hare of the Dog and Bar 42.

However, I made a killer spaghetti sauce myself since, I didn’t want to eat the one that came in the bottle. So I made an awesometastic (yes I just made that word up!) get this cajun chicken spaghetti sauce. I know I need a creative name, feel free to suggest one in the comments area! 😉 

Anyways, look out for more, I am heading to London on Friday for Diwali, which all you folks who took “Cultures of India”, should know about, for the others, its a hindu festival. Our version of New Years fall during Diwali. Be sure to follow my tweets! 


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