What What!

I have decided I am going with Posterous for my blogging/keeping everyone updated on my journey to England. So to give you a quick overview on why I decided to go with posterous.

  1. Its simple, sweet, and elegant. Just like me ;)! 
  2. Its wicked easy to post everything I do. It also does auto posting to various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.
  3. I can text, email, use the iphone to post updates. 
  4. I had this wicked design for my site, which I will post on here someday, but it was getting to the point where I felt as if I didn’t have enough content.
  5. I got tired of coding wordpress to make it work with my design. 
  6. I am hoping the next revolutionary feature of posterous is themes and customization. 
  7. After all, my thoughts are that you folks out there who will be reading this are more interested in the content then the looks of it.
So those are the 7 reason to why I am going with this! Please feel free to comment! 


2 Responses to “What What!”

  1. Phillip Copley

    Let’s see your design!

  2. Jigar Patel

    I will post it up here soon. Don’t worry.


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