Whats doing?

So update time! Past few months have been pretty exciting! Here are the highlights!



  • Visiting Auburn to catch up with Dan and Marian (two of my closest undergrad friends)
  • New York with the CivicoLive crew along with a couple Juniata students
  • Going to Bellefonte to the shadiest dive bar ever – The Omar
  • Pulling over somewhere in the middle of nowhere on 81 for a phone interview from California
  • Getting an iPad
  • Month later getting an iPhone a day before it is officially launched (no I have not had any issues with the reception, probably because I don’t have sweaty hands and don’t hold my iphone like a ball)
  • Watching some friends get into an argument with a townie over a pool table
  • Working on some exciting projects that I can’t really talk about in the public sphere yet 
  • Telling the place where I get my haircut about Foursquare and getting them to join
  • Turning 24!

And many other things that are not appropriate to be posted here! 

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